March 3rd, 2016


(no subject)

Hello, it's me. I just read a bunch of old entries and it inspired me to update. I miss this corner of social media. This quiet, hidden corner.

I'd like to document all the junk that's happened between the last entry and now, but it's too much and too boring, so I'll just do the cliff notes version.

-I'm in my last semester of RN school. It blows and I can't wait to finish this shit. I'm doing well enough, but there's a lot of bullshit busywork, and with everything else I have going on, it just feels unnecessary. My professor told me to consider cutting down my work hours to focus on school more. Lol, sure. But who is going to pay my bills?

-My fat baby turned 1 in January. She is such a happy baby girl. She's walking, clapping, waving, saying a few words and busy as can be. And she's super adorable, of course.

-Douglas moved in with his mother over summer break. Things are so different without him here, but we are adjusting. He will be here for spring break soon and we can't wait to have him home. He seems to be doing well, for the most part, with his mom. He says he wants to move back home sometimes, but who knows what he really wants.

-Amelia is angsty and dramatic as ever. She is doing well in school, except she has the world's worst handwriting.

-Weston is the same old obnoxious, mischievous little dude. He's so good at figuring stuff out. He plays video games more than I'd like to admit, and he's really amazing at them. He taught himself to read several months ago and he's a brilliant reader. He still won't write/draw/color though. -sigh- He starts kindergarten in the fall and hopefully being in a classroom full of other kids will motivate him to figure it out. I'm at a loss, though.

-Doug & I are good. Not great, but good. Nursing school is so hard on relationships. Especially when the nursing student works full time, too. He's been awesome and supportive though. He's been so, so hands on with Coraline. She is daddy's girl, for real. Watching him with her warms my heart like no other. Almost makes me want another one. ALMOST. We are 99% sure we are done having kids though.

I think that's it, in a nutshell. I wonder if anyone is still around to even read this...