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So we moved on Christmas Eve. It was a hot mess. Super disorganized and I had way, way too much shit accumulated in the old place. I have taken four huge trips to Goodwill already and there is still more stuff at the old place that needs to be bagged and donated. It's incredible how much stuff we had crammed in that place. I felt like I could have been on hoarders. Downright embarrassing.

Anyway, the new place is coming together quite nicely. The little kids' room, the main bathroom and the kitchen are all scrubbed clean and organized. The living room is mostly done, but there are still a few boxes of books and DVDs we have to sort through. Our room/bathroom and Douglas' room are still pretty disheveled, but it'll get done.

My mom has been here for the last two days, buying me a ton of stuff and helping me organize and clean. She's been such a huge help, I can't thank her enough. She even plans to buy us a (used) washer & dryer, which would be awesome but almost too much. We need it though. A family of five has a lot of laundry and laundromats suck. As of right now, I'm washing all the things at the old place to make sure we can hold out for at least a bit until we get the washer & dryer.

The new place is so, so much nicer than our last place. I'm so in love with it. I can't wait to be totally done with the moving process. Moving fucking sucks.

Christmas was good, but I was tired and sore from moving the night before. Then I worked Christmas night. The next day I went straight to the old place to clear stuff out after being up all day/all night and only getting a few hours sleep the night before. I'm still way behind on sleep, but I'll sleep when I'm dead. I'm not sleeping well in the new place yet. Still seems surreal that we are actually living here. Doesn't feel like home when I go to bed, you know?

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!

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