scavenger (sarahness) wrote,

So in my illness, I've been unable to smoke. And since I've already gone three days without a cigarette, I've decided to quit altogether. It's not been so bad yet. I was too sick to even care during the first two days. I think the nicotine is officially out of my system now, so there's that. Addiction is a beast, I tell you. I quit smoking for my pregnancies but other than that, I've been smoking since I was 18. I don't know why I ever started back again after I had Weston, but I wish I hadn't. Smoking is so gross. I hate the smell of smoke and smokers breath. I hate that it ages some people prematurely and causes cancer, heart disease, and lung disease, among other things. I hate that hundreds of dollars a month are literally being burnt and smoked. And I'm tired of it! Doug is quitting, too! I hope I can keep it up.

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